Copyright DDPAI. “DDPAI” is an Internet driving recorder application. In accordance with the law, we will collect, use, retain and disclose your personal information under certain circumstances. The following terms and conditions describe how we collect, use, retain and disclose your personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information

1.1. Personal Information

We collect, retain, use and disclose personal information in order to provide services for you by creating an account, identifying the user, responding to inquiries and emails, etc. Regarding personal photos and videos, in order to provide you with better services, and in case you allow, “DDPAI” will provide you with management and services, and send you news, surveys, special offers and other promotional materials.

1.2. Collect to achieve the purpose of the service

You do not need a user account to use this application. If you want to use more features of the application, you can register with this application and provide your personal information. You must commit and ensure that:

1.2.1. To achieve the purpose of the service of “DDPAI”, “DDPAI” will collect your personal information through technical means, which is restricted to the necessary information such as your phone ID, driving recorder ID and usage time.

1.2.2. "DDPAI" is a multi-platform, asynchronous product that supports Android and IOS and other operating systems:

a. When you use the Android system, an activation SMS is required to send to the “DDPAI” server. The SMS costs the same as a regular SMS, and is charged by the service operator. After activation, you can use the “DDPAI” free of charge;

b. When you use IOS system, or during the process while you are using “DDPAI” via your cellphone’s operating system, the information collected by “DDPAI” is restricted to the necessary information required by the basic services that you agreed to use.

1.2.3 Based on different business scenarios, we’ve accessed to third party SDK, we will only use your personal information for legitimate, legitimate and necessary purposes, and take strict security measures to protect your personal information;

a. In order to realize the functions of third-party sharing, third-party sharing login and sending SMS of DDPAI files, DDPAI uses the mobtech sharesdk service of a third party (Shanghai Youkun Information Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "mobtech"). In order to successfully implement this function, you need to authorize mobtechsdk to provide corresponding services; After you authorize, mobtech will collect your relevant personal information. See the privacy policy ( ) on mobtech's official website (www.mob. Com) for the types and purposes of information collected by mobtech, rules for personal information protection and exit mechanism;

b. In order to realize the function of "staring at shooting" app to receive push messages, the "personal push message push service" is used. This service will collect your device information, network information and location related information. Please refer to its privacy policy for details of the "personal push SDK" service;

c. In order to realize the transaction payment function of the app, the app uses "Alipay library and beecloud library". This service will collect your device information, network information and location related information. For the service details of "Alipay" library, please refer to its privacy policy;

d. In order to facilitate the use of statistical function and abnormal crash reporting function of the "staring at shooting" app, "Youmeng + SDK" is used. This service will collect your needs, collect your device MAC address and unique device identification code to provide statistical analysis service, and calibrate the accuracy of report data through geographical location, so as to provide basic anti cheating ability;

1.3. To be provided by the user

1.3.1. If you need to use more features of “DDPAI”, for example, share the contents of “DDPAI” to WeChat, microblogging and other sites, or complete your personal information in order to enjoy more services or to contact friends more conveniently, you need to improve your personal business card, such as filling in your email address, gender and other personal information.

1.3.2. The information you provided will be kept confidential by “DDPAI” by fulfilling its commercially reasonable obligations to the utmost. With your consent, “DDPAI” will provide you with news, information, and application upgrading and other services.

1.4. “DDPAI” is a tool used to send information and other content among the users.

If you send a message or other content to another user, “DDPAI” server will save this information / content for you, and sends this information / content to the user.

1.5. Other ways for you to provide information

We will use other ways (such as: e-mail, information downloading, your buying our products or services, customer support, feedback) to collect your personal information. If you fill in personal information on other open platform, your information may be obtained by other users.

1.6. The information you shared to the community

All the information, including but not limited to photos, videos, and driving track that you shared to the “On the Road” community, is by default public to all viewers. You're responsible for all acts performed under your own registered account, including any contents you sent and any results arising therefrom. You should judge the contents in the “On the Road” community on your own and bear all risks arising from your use of the contents, including the risks arising from dependency on the correctness, completeness, or usefulness of the contents. “DDPAI” cannot and will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the user’s behavior. In order to avoid legal risks, the user shall not use “On the Road” community of DDPAI to make, upload, copy, send the following contents that:

1.7. Other Information of yours

For your convenient use of “DDPAI” application, our server will collect the information about your mobile device, such as model number, device ID, Internet Protocol address, the time and place of your visit, routing packets, the data of the information sender and receiver (not the information itself), and other similar characteristics recorded. We will use Cookies and navigation data similar to Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to collect your access time and date, the information you searched and viewed, etc.

2. Use of Personal Information

2.1. Except the circumstance that this privacy policy does not specify or the first notification to you of the update of this privacy policy fails, your personal information will not be used for other purposes.

2.2. Anonymous aggregated statistic data is not the Personal User Information defined by “DDPAI”. We will save and use this type of information for multiple purposes, including but not limited to the reports of analysis and usage patterns. “DDPAI” reserves the right to use and disclose the anonymous aggregated statistic data for any purpose or to unilaterally license third parties to do so.

2.3. The information you shared in the “On the Road” community of DDPAI, including but not limited to photos, videos, and driving track, is by default public to all viewers, and may be copied, forwarded, changed, or used for other illegal purposes by other organizations or individuals. This may damage the legitimate rights and interests of you or others. You must be fully conscious of such risks. You expressly agree to bear all the risks and consequences out of sharing the information, and “DDPAI” does not have any responsibility.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

3.1. Unless limited disclosures set forth in this Privacy Policy, we will properly keep your personal information and will not disclose the customer list.

3.2. You hereby authorize us that under the following circumstances, we will disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent:

3.2.1. If the information we disclosed is used to identify or contact or is necessary to file a lawsuit against behavior that is damaging to our rights or property, to website users or anyone else, including any other person's rights and property;

3.2.2. Necessary legal investigations;

3.2.3. Such disclosure is required by law or subpoena that should be served to us or writ issued by other law enforcement authorities.

3.3. For the purposes of sharing interesting videos or of warning viewers to pay attention to traffic safety, “DDPAI” might forward the information shared by the users, including but not limited to photos, videos and driving tack to the “On the Road” community to a third party platform. Users’ continuing use of this application indicates their consent to our forwarding to a third party platform; “DDPAI” will explicitly indicate it for the information that may be forwarded to a third party before users upload the contents.

4. Security

4.1. For us, the security of personal information is very important. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect the security of your personal information and will implement commercially reasonable procedures to limit unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your personal information. Despite these measures, you should be aware of that “DDPAI” cannot completely avoid security hazards associated with the personal information.

4.2. By using “On the Road” community of “DDPAI”, by clicking on the share button, you indicate that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. The information you shared by using the driving recorder will appear in the “On the Road” community, where everyone can see the information. If you are using a model with GPS or you turn on GPS on your phone, your location information will then appear in the “On the Road” community. If you do not want to display your location information in the “On the Road” community, please select “Delete Location” after you click your location information when sharing your contents.

5. You should help us to protect the security of your personal information. For example, do not disclose your personal password.

6. Collection and use of personal information of minors

6.1. We suggest that minors under 18 years of age using this website and “DDPAI” under their legal guardians’ permission and guidance.

6.2. This site and the “DDPAI” will not use the personal information of minors, and will not disclose identifiable information to any third party. Guardians have the right to refuse this website and “DDPAI” to collect further personal information of the person under guardianship, or to require this site and “DDPAI” to remove the personal information of the person under guardianship.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

7.1. The Privacy Policy allows adjustment. If we make any material adjustments to the method of using your personal information, we will notify you via the e-mail address you provided or an announcement on the website.

7.2. The email we sent that included such a change notice is undisputedly an integral part of the above change notice. If you do not want our change of the usage of your personal information, you must notify us prior to your expected date to stop using our account. The behavior of your continuing using “DDPAI” will be deemed as your understanding and agreeing to be bound by the changed terms and conditions in the notice.

7.3. “DDPAI” is developed by the software team of DDPAI (Shenzhen) Technology Co.Ltd.,if you have any doubts about the above statement, please call the service hotline of DDPAI: 400-897-3088, or send an email to: